About us

A gourmet traveller and self-confessed foodie at heart, I was fast approaching my sixth year in Europe and the UK when I moved to South Africa to work as a Cook. It was here I was introduced to the ever growing popularity of North African cooking and was swept away with the exotic and complex flavours of the Moroccan Tagine.

After returning to Australia three years later in 2005, my love affair with North African and traditional Persian cuisine continued. I was surprised that North African cuisine had not yet made its mark in Australia, so I was excited to start developing my own spice blends and condiments that encompassed the true nature and flavours of this region.

I soon packed my bags for a trip to Morocco and the Middle East to research the origins of the cuisines and to literally taste my way through the countries, learning as much as possible to ensure the flavours developed were true and honest to the tradition from which they came.

With the ongoing hard work and support of my Mum, Chris, we started Maza Gourmet Food.

Chris has been the driving force behind the production over the past 10 years and has been instrumental in introducing the Maza product range into local markets and onto the shelves of gourmet deli's. Through her ongoing research, commitment and natural flair for food production she has further developed and expanded the product range.

The Origins of Maza...

The name MAZA is an ancient Persian word which describes the small morsels of food which were eaten to improve the enjoyment of cheap and bitter wines. The word has developed throughout the ages and different cuisines to the modern day 'mezze' and 'antipasto' which are terms readily used today.

The literal meaning of MAZA is 'to taste, to relish' which we hope you will do using our blend of spice mixes and condiments.

Natania Hollingsworth